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Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy

Yoga-informed psychotherapy is an integrative method of practice that builds interoceptive awareness, tracking your body, and consciousness of self. It is an opportunity to build a mind/ body connection through an expanded and deeper sense of self developing trust and a stronger concrete attachment to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We do this by incorporating movement and connection to the physical body, noticing what you need and trusting that intuition.

This is integrated through psycho-education by understanding your individual energetic balance and grounding needs, increased knowledge of how the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work,  joint movement activities, exploring restorative poses, breath work and meditative skills, and using mindfulness techniques. It is used as a tool to explore how your mental and emotional self is connected to your physical and social experiences. Doing this, affirms self reliance, acknowledges a sense of agency, and builds insight.  This practice is ever evolving and developing and can be used in conjunction with talk therapy.