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Community Engagement

It has always been important to me to educate the communities I am apart of on mental health and build awareness. Specifically, destigmatizing mental illness in the Black community. One of the most powerful platforms are our faith-based communities and churches. For 4 years, I held a position within my own church providing therapy services for members and the surrounding community; but also providing valuable psychoeducation on topics that supported mental health and awareness through ministry.

I am passionate about bringing information to the Black community in a fun and interactive way. I don’t just stand there and read off of slides (but I do use them). I do my best engage the audience, asking thoughtful questions, conduct demonstrations to illustrate information, and encourage providing their input throughout the session. I prefer a workshop style approach where there are interactive activities, break out groups, and “games” to gauge or test attendee’s knowledge. This helps attendees to not only connect to what they’re learning, but also relate in an authentic way.

 Organizations I can support (but not limited to):

  • Churches/ Faith communities
  • Community based organizations supporting new or expecting (single) mothers
  • Community based organizations for young professionals
  • Holistic health and wellness organizations

Topics of Specialty (but not limited to):

  • Mental Health vs Mental Illness (Mental Health Awareness)
  • Single Mom Life & Self Care
  • What Anxiety Looks Like: Anxiety & Perfectionism in the Black Community
  • Holistic Wellness—A Multidimensional approach to Health
  • Boundaries 101

*Topics can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization, members, or attendee’s. I am also available to provide consultation on organizing and facilitating a conference, workshop, or event centered around mental health and awareness.

For Inquiries and to Hire me, please contact me at