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5 Step Therapy Model

This is my 5 step therapeutic framework that will get you from the beginning of your therapy journey to the end. 

Step 1: The Ticket- This is your initial investment & the consultation phase. Making the initial contact and completing a 15min phone consultation to discuss what brings you to therapy. You learn more about your therapist and determine if we are a good fit for your journey. 

Step 2: Check-in & TSA- This is the intake process-where you would complete consent to treatment documentation and assessments. We will also meet for our first few sessions and explore your needs.

Step 3: The Gate- Whew! You made it to the gate. Your pre-travel jitters have subsided and you are ready to settle in. Grab your seat and let’s plan your treatment. This is where we would clearly identify and define your goals and intentions for therapy. 

Step 4: The Journey & Exploration– This is where we dive in, meeting weekly for the first 6 weeks. The frequency of sessions and duration of treatment will be based on your assessments and clinical needs and determined by you and your therapist. We will check in periodically and determine where you are along your journey. 

Step 5: The Landing- You have learned new tools and techniques, applied them, and have developed healthier relationships, and feeling more confident and comfortable in how you want to show up! You’ve met your goals and you are ready to graduate from therapy!  Congratulations!